Message from CEO

Takeshi Mori, CEO, PresidentTakeshi Mori, CEO, President
Takeshi Mori
CEO, President

Thank you for having interest in the activities of the Saint-Care Group.
Our group provides comprehensive health care services with the aim of contributing to the welfare of our super-aging society.

Our goal is to provide three levels of care.
These include care for people and care for families to support at-home care, and care for the community that aims to create communities where people requiring care and their families can live safe and fulfilling their lives. We will make the utmost effort and improvements day by day in order to create a welfare society in which these three levels of care are realized, and to ensure that all of our employees can serve our clients with confidence and pride, providing services that fully satisfy our clients. The highest value that we are aiming for is the satisfaction of the people we serve. Realizing this value day by day gives us confidence and pride.

Since our foundation in 1983, many stakeholders have supported us.
We will continue focusing our efforts on the goal of our Group; "building a health care Group that unites communities and people."

Thank you for your continuing support.

Takeshi Mori
CEO, President